Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winter has Arrived

Looking out the front door at our first real snowstorm... about a week 1/2 ago. (loving the Colonial Red we painted our house this summer! Looks great in the white snow, just as I'd planned :) Hubby could NOT understand, 'til now.)

The kids are OBSESSED with the characters in this well-loved book. Especially Agustus Gloop and Veruca Salt. I'm loving re-living my childhood through this book and them during out-loud reading time. My preference is the Gene Wilder film version - my vintage. They have not seen it yet but scowl at the Johnny Depp version - it's too scary for them. Depp is a bit edgy for them, I suppose... but I don't mind him at all ;)

Mister Knightley looking tame and mild in the early morning kitchen.

Fabulous mittens, hand knit. I found them at the annual Handmade Parade sale in Spokane... these were worth scratching and grabbing over :) I love 'em, especially on a dog walk.

Looking forward to the weekend... I'm working on a quilt loosely inspired by Jude at Spirit Cloth. It's been a long process, since a lot of months were spent looking, passing by... thinking and putting away. Was unsure of how or what to do with this beginning but, one day I just started adding, slowly... figuring it out along the way. I'll share soon :)


tangled sky studio said...

I'm sure the red looks gorgeous in the snow (and against the green of spring and summer). Theo was just in a production of Charlie and the chocolate factory and it is such an amazing and deliciously deep story.But J D is not too hard on the eyes either ;-)

Jenniffer said...

Love your snowy view!
We only get a day or two of snow in our part of the state. Of course, there are pluses to that, but winter just doesn't feel like a real season to me without snow!

artslice said...

Hi Beth,
Thanks! How cute that play must have been. Such a great story... as is Mr. Depp :)

Hi Jenniffer,
Thank you - I grew up on your side of the state (much more north) and am still used to it over there!