Sunday, January 22, 2012

Here's Annabel and a Lovely Loom

Drum roll please... ta da! The first sweater I've completed by myself! It's Annabel from Madelinetosh. Amanda at Soulemama and Beth at Tangled Sky Studio both inspired this project. I love the style of it - a bit cropped at the waist and the sleeves as well. The yarn is a bulky Lion's brand yarn... the quality is OK but, not as yummy as the nicer stuff bought in the yarn shops. I didn't want to commit to the good stuff until I was certain I could actually do this. So, it was thought of as a 'muslin' (for test-sewing)/dry-run yarn. Think I passed the test and am ready for a more posh, black one!

Dig the buttons... got 'em at Paradise Fibers - the place is a treasure trove of yarn, knitting notions, spinning wheels, looms, dyes, books, roving on and on etc.

My birthday present from hubby, (back in October!) a tapestry loom. Finally found a youtube video on how to warp it. Currently fussing with tension, spacing of the warp yarn and size of yarn. It's a whole new frontier! The learning curve is a mysterious one, I must say - but, I'm up for the challenge.

Snow's coming this afternoon, maybe 3 more inches but thankfully, the roads are pretty good and plowed. Friday was a snow day and this mama is ready for school tomorrow morning!


Jenniffer said...

I love the color and the buttons- I"m so impressed that this was your first try. Fantastic!

tangled sky studio said...

Bravo!!! The color IS gorgeous and the fit looks great. I think mine is just a tad longer but not much. super cute and super warm, right? the loom is intriguing : )

artslice said...

Thanks Jenniffer - confession: there have been a few unsucessful attempts without help. But, this was a great, easy pattern! Oh joy :)

Thank you, Beth!! It is so warm and inviting. Plotting the next project. May knit a sweater for sonny boy first.