Saturday, August 23, 2008

Beach Kelp

Another beachy felt piece. I'm not sure I want to keep the long yarn but it does make it more like real kelp... a kind of seaweed. I may do a version that is more randomly placed on a blue background... like it's floating or swaying in the water. I miss that sea air smell! Every time I do a beach or pool piece of art I feel a sadness that summer's almost gone. Autumn's my favorite season but the threat of the cold, dark winter is foreboding... where's my mantra?! Oh yeah, 'Live in the moment, live in the moment!'


tangled sky studio said...

i think this piece of felt work has a very organic feel and the long yarn is great. To me the sea is much more like autumn and winter-tumultuous and summer i think it's only pretending to be nice.

artslice said...

Thank you! I like the long yarn more and more. Yes, the sea is that way in winter. I'm so conditioned to summer water I've almost forgotten about choppy, windy winter water. I have to say I love watching it (I grew up with a view of the Straits of Juan de Fuca) and all the ships passing. - -Just as long as I'm not in a boat!

Anonymous said...

ocean salt water & beach glass colors with sky grays & blues.
welcome any season of the year.
fun piece.

Martha Miller said...

ooh, i like this one ! i took ONE science class in my senior year at MECA - Coastal ecosystems. we hd to create art as well as write papers for that class - this beach kelp piece would have been perfect!
this felt series is great! are you selling them in your etsy shop?

Martha Miller said...


oh - yes, this avatar is a performance photograph. i dressed like my maternal grandmother and did a series of photos as my 1st assignment for a performance class that i took at MECA in 2004.

artslice said...

Hi Martha -

I thought it looked familiar- you look great - I really have a thing for that era.

Thanks for the kelp kudos - I took a great biology class years ago where we went on a lot of field trips to see tidepools, (at Freshwater Bay and Salt Creek near Port Angeles, WA) it was so beautiful. I'll be posting a tidepool photo I took there this summer.

Yes, I will probably be selling them in my etsy shop. I'm preparing for a gallery show in Oct. so some of it will go there. I can't decide if I should just make these pieces wall hangings, purses, pillows?! What do you think?