Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bed in Winter

Bed in Winter - in progress

Portrait of my Pfaff Felting Machine.

I have been having a fabulous time with my felt colors, a pair of scissors... and of course, my trusty felting machine. The machine is kind of like glue in a collage only less sticky!

I used wool roving for the first time, it's pretty cool - it makes a different texture than cut wool. Also used - several different kinds of yarn. This piece will probably be a pillow or a wall hanging. Functional pieces are always nicer, I think.


loaded hips press said...

These works are really lovely! I'm not familiar with this process, using a felting machine. Now I want one!

artslice said...

Thank you, Shannon! Yes, it's a great machine and not really that expensive... go get one, you'll be glad you did :)