Friday, August 22, 2008

Ocean and Beach

Inspiration from our trips to the beach in felt! I used different sizes of yarn and some random shapes that looked like waves - not quite sure I'm done with this one.


tangled sky studio said...

so you are tea and ink...that's awesome i hope you like the painting!!! i would love to be added to your blog roll and hope you don't mind if i add you to mine???
I like all the different squares and colors expressing one idea in this the black background felt as well? TGIF-beth

artslice said...

Hi Beth-
Yes it's me, :) can't wait to have it on my wall... it's my first and only encaustic painting. Great... I'll add your blog to my list and be honored to be added to yours.

Yep, it's all felt and held together only by needle felting. I'm hoping to resolve it soon. I wanted it to mostly be about color but now realize that's not going to be 'enough'.

Happy Days,

Martha Miller said...


I am intrigued by your felting machine never knew they existed)and love the pieces that you are producing! The grid is a great structure - endless paintings can happen in that framework! Nice!
Check out this Maine artist and young mother - she has written a book and is writing a 2nd, all stemming from her blog.

artslice said...

Thank you, Martha! They really are cool, you might like one :).

Funny you should mention Soulemama - because I read her blog everyday! I just love her philosophy as a mom and artist. She's due to have her 4th baby next month. (whoa!) What a following she has, I think it's great that she can make a living by sharing her creative spirit.

ps love the new avatar - isn't that from a series you did? Happy weekend!