Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Tea, by Brenda. 28" x 38" acrylic on canvas

Here's a painting I did a few years back... it's one of my favorites. It sold right away and I did a small woodblock print of the image. I did a 'Tea' series of women having tea and they all sold,
I guess there are a few of us die hard tea drinkers out there! I should pick up where I left off and do some more, I've been wanting to do some larger paintings again.... it's just finding the time to actually finish them. (I have a few going in my studio that I need to finish - maybe with school starting again I might have the chance.)


Miss Frugality said...

I like the painting...and I always like a nice cup of tea! Guess what...today I'm painting a tea cup still-life.

Martha Miller said...

love the direct warm gaze of the woman's eyes - is this a self-portrait?

artslice said...

Thanks, ladies. Martha - nope, it's not a self-portrait... it's an old friend. I took a good, long time painting it to get her eyes just right.