Thursday, August 21, 2008

Printing on Linen

Sorry, I know this is a pretty bad photograph!

I did these little experiments today not in the studio but in my kitchen... while my daughter played with the pots and pans. These are hand brayed because it's just too messy and risky to do it on the press. (My blankets would really get trashed!) It was kind of hard doing the woodblocks on fabric... but I tried a few things and rocking a wooden spoon while applying pressure to all parts of the block was the best method I discovered. I also used some stamps I carved out that white eraser material... they were great to work with on fabric.
I did some larger pieces too. First, I cut out 'fat quarters' but they seemed too big, so I cut 'em in half and made some pretty cool pieces - I'm happy with them! They probably will become purses and wallets. Tomorrow, I will be printing larger images on linen using the press... much easier - I forgot what a workout hand printing is!

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