Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas Card Plans

A preliminary crayon rubbing

These are some of the woodblocks I've been carving for Xmas cards. I've never really done holiday cards before -except for collage cards. It's hard not to be too sentimental, predictable etc. Amazing how some things that seem like they'll be simple end up being more complicated than you'd planned. Ultimately, I wanted to make something fresh and different! I'm planning on some bright colors come printing time... fun! These will land in my etsy shop and and a few local shops.
ps - today's the last day of the fiber art sale in my Etsy shop... take a look!


tangled sky studio said...

i think these are going to be a great addition to your shop....they look amazing (especially the hands holding the heart).

artslice said...

Thanks Beth - I am planning on carving or stamping a seasonal message on the heart.