Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Night Printing

shadow print

The 'duds'

Last night I finally got to a point where it was time to print, yay! The ink didn't start flying til after 10pm... and there was a fly in the ointment. My little boy is a night owl and came down a few times to help me turn the wheel during the printing process. When my back was turned... he messed with the pressure adjustments and suddenly, the wood was sliding away from the paper... etc. Lucky for him it was later, after he'd gone to bed that I'd realized what happened!

Anyway, after that problem passed... I finally ended the night around 1am. Lots o' cards were printed (I plan on putting them in assortment packs) and 2 of the new 'shadow' works were printed on colored paper in colored inks. More on that project in the coming days!


tangled sky studio said...

these look great brenda. i love that your little night owl "helped" out!

Martha Miller said...

FUN!! How about if you give the duds to your son and let him embellish them? They would be cool collaborative pieces!

artslice said...

Hi Beth and Martha... thanks for your comments- Martha, great idea!! I'll definatly do that.

Magic Cochin said...

I love the little red horse!