Monday, November 3, 2008

More Circus Ornaments

The Big Top... looks more like Red Square! Will be doing more.

Here are some wool felt ornaments in various stages. I don't think any of them are officially done. Some still need stuffing, embellishments and ribbon for hanging. It's hard for me to stop adding stuff, so I'm trying really hard to 'hold back' a bit. Some will not make the final cut! Next, the tiger... he's going to be a challenge. Stay tuned!


tangled sky studio said...

these are sooo cute! what size are they? i love the top and bottom one...good luck with the tiger.
the pictures from your last few posts are really lovely.

artslice said...

Hi Beth -

I hope you're feeling better, I've been thinking about you!

Thanks! The top one is 9 inches... the tallest one and th others are 5 - 8 in.