Monday, November 10, 2008

Fresh Prints

Hooray for printing days! deciding I was at a stopping point, I needed to print in order to see what direction to take these carvings. My son helped me turn the wheel on the press and watched as I pulled the paper from the matrix. He was thrilled to see the process- (of course these little moments warm my heart!)
So next, I'll clean them up a bit, finish and print them again in bright colors on colored paper... aahhhh, progress. :)


Paula Villanova said...

These are beautiful, and it must be so exciting to be this far in the process! I create my own Christmas cards and (collage type) and I usually wait until the last minute for some reason but I still love the process... I bought some linoleum blocks to do some printing a few years ago and now I am inspired to give it a try!

tangled sky studio said...

they turned out beautifully! i really like the tree (do i sp a peace sign ornament?).

artslice said...

Hi Paula, thanks! I hope to see your lino cut Christmas cards on your blog... love that new avatar.

Hi Beth-
Thank you! That is a peace ornament... I'm glad you noticed it because it's pretty small. I felt this holiday season 'peace on earth' would be the most important message. (and there's more hope now that we have Obama on board!!)