Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Couple of New ACEOs

Here are a few little ladies I've finally finished... it's amazing how many did not turn out! Oh well, the paper is small, guess there's not that much lost but time. ACEOs are quite a challenge for me because they are so small (3.5 x 4.5") Anyway, I've many more to draw and paint. It feels so nice to get out the watercolors and paint on such a cold midwinter day... the warmth and brilliance of the wet paint on white paper lifts my spirits. We went to the local conservatory again and they had plenty of bulbs - daffodils and hyacinth... cyclamen, mums, tulips etc. It was truly a feast for winter-weary 'white out' eyes. (that could be the start of a poem! ha ha) Naturally, my camera was at home as we stopped there on a whim. But, next time I'll take photos. These ladies will soon land in my shop.


willow said...

I am especially drawn to the first one! Wow! She has a haunting quality.

Jeane said...

I'm with Willow, I really like the first one!

artslice said...

Thanks so much, ladies! I'm going to be drawing more ladies today.