Saturday, January 17, 2009

Winter Happiness

This morning at breakfast, I slipped these on... she still has her jammies on! Gotta love those little legs and feet!

My daughter's new ankle warmers.... didn't have enough left over yarn for longer leg warmers. But, these also double as wrist/hand warmers for moi! (who knew?) Sometimes experiments bring great rewards :)
My son and I had a valentine making party... he loves the glitter glue and I had to confiscate it after awhile because he was making 'glitter haystacks.' We are making 14 + 2 for the teacher and aide. He is very focused on making the envelopes... last year we made them out of newspaper, stamped with red hearts.

Finally I finished these socks for myself. These are my first cotton blend socks - usually I use superwash wool. Love the way these turned out! Happy weekend.


Jeane said...

how cute are those little leg warmers! except maybe the little legs they are covering! as usual, all front burners at your house are going full blast! love your socks also!

tangled sky studio said...

egads brenda! you are amazing (do you knit in your sleep?). I love the colors in the leg/wrist warmers and those socks look so warm and cozy...wish i was wearing then but instead i have stick on toe warmers inside my wool slippers....brrr!

artslice said...

Hi Jeane - Thank you! Love the way you said that, 'all the front burners..' that's cute... and I'm taking that as a compliment, so thanks!

Hi Beth,
:)Haha, no I don't knit in my sleep... I actually started my socks in mid summer! The leg warmers I did just make, and my daughter lost one of them at each of the stores we visited today!! (we did find it both times, but she won't be wearing them for awhile ;)-- she was wearing 'em on wrists today.
Hope you can warm up over there, it sounds brutal!

tangled sky studio said...

my son lost the first hat i knit him at a store...if it's any consolation he has never lost another handknitted piece to this day! Both sets are gorgeous brenda!

French Fancy said...

I'm very glad you popped over to see me because now I have another lovely blog to read. I love your daughter's shoes and fancy you being able to turn a heel so well for the socks. I'm quite a good knitter as well but I've never done socks.
They've always seemed so fiddly, but then anything worth doing is fiddly, I guess.