Friday, January 2, 2009

New Quilting Directions and Thread Painting Dabble

Thread painting

I dug out a quilt that had been started... ? about a year ago and thought I'd try using 'Wonder Under' to speed things along. (applique could take me a lifetime to complete at this point in my life!) I actually used my sewing machine for this. (I normally only sew by hand when making quilts -just an 'unplugged' kind of girl)

My mom talked me through how to go about thread painting on the phone and boom, I was off. (she really is a Svengali when it comes to sewing!) Next time I'll do it on ivory fabric... so hard to see on that grey cotton. I tried it on a few quilt blocks after a little practice. It's like driving without any brakes.... but I've learned you have to embrace that out of control feeling.


tangled sky studio said...

hi brenda,
the thread painting looks so great. it is a bit hard to see on the dark fabric but it looks really good for a first the driving with no brakes description.
looks like your off to a creative new year!

E. Floyd said...

Hi Brenda, Happy New Year! I like the bright colors of the quilt, especially the bright fuschia thread painting.

Jeane said...

this is totally foreign territory for me - the world of quilting, but feeling like driving without brakes, sounds very interesting indeed.

artslice said...

Thanks ladies, for your comments! I will have to post a photo of the quilt blocks pieced together so you can really see the 'big picture!'. I'll also be trying more thread painting on ivory fabric... but I need to get some fusible interfacing first! :)