Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Cal Champ... barely begun

Last night, I sketched out this lady on 'big paper' with watered down paint. I liked the pose but didn't have the patience for the hands... I need to do some hand studies, it's been too long since I've really drawn them! She's got these deep set, large kind of 'bulgy' eyes that I really like. I hope to capture them in a better way as I work through the painting. So, this is the California State Champion - Tennis. (Inspired by my grandmother as well as my father who both held the title - respectively- back in the day.)

I had a chance to work this morning on my new lady...I like the purple, my daughter's room is painted a few shades lighter. (painted by moi, 9 months pregnant and in a tizzy of nesting!) Anyway, I think it's a great shade - it's got a bit of yellow in it to neutralize and white with a hint of black. Really enjoying painting her!


Martha Miller said...

these look great, brenda! yes, draw your own hands for practice, they are always ther to model for you!


tangled sky studio said...

i like the purple too brenda...it's unexpected nd seems really well suited to the subject. your work ethic continues to inspire me....
(i figured with your love of printmaking you would have a gocco)

Jeane said...

Brenda - these are so good - this is the kind of portraiture I would never get bored looking at!

artslice said...

Hi ladies... thanks so much for your comments, I really appreciate them! It's nice to get some feedback when I work alone so much :) :) :)