Thursday, January 22, 2009

Valentines and Orcas

Crayon rubbing
The Carved Woodblock
Orca watercolor by my 5 year old son.
I just love the watercolor my son did at school yesterday and had to share it. Kids have really got 'it'! Here's a valentine I've been working on.... inspired by Scandinavian textiles... and probably some socks I used to wear as a child. I have a few more in the works and I'm anxious to finish carving so I can print!! The cards will eventually land in my etsy shop.


tangled sky studio said...

you're right-kids have got it. the blue and black with the single line of red...fabulous!

Jeane said...

brenda! - your creative energy amazes me - the orca painting is absolutely the best! and I agree that children do have 'it'!

Paula Villanova said...

I love the prints you create...and I must say...your son's work is pretty good that blue!