Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Trying Something New...

Here are some new things I'm working on. I'm trying my hand at ACEOs! It is a great way to do faces, which I love more than anything --in any way, shape or form. These will soon land in my etsy shop once they are painted. (they're pencil drawings on Rives BFK paper.)
An artist is born!

A few more ACEOs in the making.
We just had another huge snowstorm yesterday... I've spent my daughter's nap time shoveling for so many days!! (it's usually my 'art time' or bath time!) This may be routine for people raised in snowy winter country but, I'm from a milder climate where we may get small amounts of snow, which then melts pretty fast. I guess my mind-set is based on what I knew first.


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