Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tea and Peace in the Village

Here's one of the 'repetition' series (must think of a better name!) Sorry for the crummy quality photos... I couldn't get any good ones this close to winter Solstice! It starts getting gloomy around 3:30pm and dark by 4:30pm. (I'm never ready to photograph in the morning light, gotta work on the paintings first :)
Anyway, I eliminated some of the items that were up top and put in mountains instead. They remind me of the ones from home on the Olympic Peninsula of WA. I'm not liking the smoke... there's still a lot of tweaking to be done but here it is as of tonight!


Jeane said...

oh, isn't that funny - I'm liking the smoke - love these repetitions - I'm intrigued by the elements that you use together - the little houses, cups and girls heads - I wonder to myself why this works - don't know, but it does.

Martha Miller said...

yes, it's humorous, but why? all those little heads! i like the smoke, too, because it goes every which way - a nice counterpoint to the heads going all in one direction.

tangled sky studio said...

i like the colors which are set off by the grey mountains...very sweet indeed!