Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Piano Ladies and Night Snow

Already shoveled this out this afternoon!

I worked on the piano ladies today... and many other ones today too! (ahh, nice to get in some good painting days!!) This is another work in progress - I like to have several going at one time. I work on one for awhile... then when I'm 'spent' I'll move to a different one. I'm posting about another wip over at Take 5 Paintings, so check it out! ( I've also added 2 new paintings to the shop and will probably add another one tomorrow.)
**On the flip side... look at all that snow! I'm doing bunches of laundry for fear we'll loose power. I heard on the news this is apparently 'The perfect storm' and much different than the meteorologists could have predicted. It may mirror or surpass a record from 1950 where they got 14 inches of snow in 24 hours. Yikes, I feel the cabin fever coming on already! At least the kids have adequate snow boots this year.. I can tire them out by running around and sledding in it.


Magic Cochin said...

Awesome snow!

Nice to be cosy indoors with your paintings :-)


tangled sky studio said...

I love snow! I really like the pianos in this painting and on your other site the girl in the tutu on stage is sweet. You seem to be getting a lot of painting time in these days...YAY! These are all acrylic, right?

artslice said...

Hi Celia... we are having a record breaking snowstorm - it's brought the whole city to a hault!

Hi Beth... Thanks for stopping by the painting blog... Tutu has been fun, I'd like to do more like her. I have been focusing most of my art time on painting lately but I'm thinking about valentine woodcut cards for Feb! Oh, yes, they are all acrylic... although I do prefer oil.

Anonymous said...

Love the snow - was so neat to see what you were actually talking about. Wish I was there.

martha k said...

"Anonymous" was me - martha k.

Kristin Loganbill said...

we are deep in snow here in Oregon too-- It is sooo pretty.
I haven't even looked at any blog- or written in mine for months. Just wanted to wish you Happy Christmas and Solstice!
take care- stay warm

Jeane said...

Oh, I really like the piano girls! - like your colors - hope you kept your power - we are expecting a huge storm tomorrow night! and then hopefully all this cold will be gone!

artslice said...

Hi Jeane... Oh, brrr! I hope you didn't loose your power, we didn't - thank goodness. We're supposed to get hit hard tomarrow with another snow storm. Blah! I like the snow, but when it's this much, no one can get around!

Kristin- Thanks so much for stopping by, it's great to hear from you! Stay nice and warm... hope your llamas are ok in the snow (do you still have them?) Have a great Solstice, Christmas and New Years!

Martha K! - Hooray, I'm so glad you stopped by too! This post really brought a lot of good comments :) Hope your trip goes well. Was so great talking to you...Merry Christmas!!