Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Good Mother Series

Painting yesterday, I had an idea to paint a 'good mother' series (and perhaps bad mother too). These are a few beginnings from the easel. I'm really excited about these, I think they're going to be really fun to do. (I have an obsession with doing faces).
On another note... one of my great, old friends is coming into town tomorrow. I've been cleaning like a mad woman! It'll be great to hang out with her and I'm taking her to my favorite place to eat. It's kind of fancy but lunch time seems to be OK to bring kids... we'll see :)


tangled sky studio said...

can't wait to see how these develop...i really like the bones of both.
have a great time with your friend (it's always so fun to catch up and hang out...)

artslice said...

Hi Beth... thanks - I'm not sure where they're going yet! Yes, we'll have fun. I don't get a chance to have a little 'girl time' very often so I'm looking forward to it!

Jeane said...

again, the repetition - I really admire the ability to do that - have the most wonderful time with your friend!

Martha Miller said...

(OK, these word verifications are uncanny. Today it is "blundt," as in, "I love the blundt hair cuts on your figures!" I do!)

Brenda, have you ever read Sue Miller's novel The Good Mother?
When my kids were little, any engrossing book ran the risk of turning me into The Bad Mother.

artslice said...

Hi Jeane - thanks... we're having a great time!

Hi Martha... thanks to you too! I've never read that book, I have read some others by her...sounds interesting. I'm actually basing this series on some personal experiences I've had in the last few years.