Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Baking

I've begun my Christmas baking... so far it's Toffee Bars, Chocolate Chip and Russian Tea Cakes (although my daughter calls them 'Snowballs' after her first taste ever...I think it's a pretty good name!) This weekend we'll likely make the sugar cookies. They are the most work with colored frostings and rolling out the dough but with kids, it's a must - they are insisting this year, so I will oblige. What else? Anybody got something different and creative to share?? We are having a big snowstorm right now... our first of the season and quite late for Spokane. Happy weekend!


Martha Miller said...

you start baking early! looks yummy! i will post about the christmas stolen that i make every year. it's my grandmother's recipe, but instead of artificially colored citron and candied cherries, i use dates, raisins, dried blueberries, dried cranberries, dried cherries, dried apricots - all organic, plus the organic walnuts. this year it will be a challenge because i am on a gluten free diet (since june - i'm also sugar free...) and bread baking without gluten can be disasterous. i need to experiment with some flour mixes (my own combinations) on smaller projects before i do the stolen. the stolen recipe makes 8 loaves of braed and costs a pretty penny to make with all the organic fruit and nuts!!

artslice said...

Sounds great... I've never made Stollen, only have looked at it through bakery windows wondering what it's like! Wow, sugar free since June - you must have an iron will, I don't know if I could do that. How come you're gluten free? Are you allergic?

Jeane said...

Brenda - oh, yum! - I could do a face plant in each container - we called the teacakes snowballs also!

tangled sky studio said...

these all look so yummy! i need to get busy baking this week. the sugar cookies are a must around here and quite a production too. we do the russian tea cakes and thumbprint cookies (good for helpers with bitty thumbs). they are kind of like a shortbread rolled into a ball, rolled in crushed nuts and then impressed with a thumb...the print is filled with a dollap of strawberry or rasberry jam and then baked. good for you getting started makes the whole process much more enjoyable. happy baking!

Martha Miller said...

hi brenda

i have bad arthritis in my big toe joints - had surgery on both feet but it didn't help - a PT told me to go off gluten - it is an inflammatory. and i'm on the schwarzbein diet - have been for 2 years - no white flour (and now no gluten) no alcohol (easy for me - i don't drink) no processed foods (also easy) balanced meals with lots of veggies and proteins, healthy carbs and
healthy fats including BUTTER and CREAM (VERY easy) and NO SUGAR (not so easy, and I do cheat once in awhile...especially for a piece of dark chocolate - not so bad - antioxidents! mostly i'm faithful, though) i can and do occasionally make healthy desserts with honey or simply have a bowl of berries with heavy cream or yogurt for a treat. it's a hormone balancing diet, and has helped considerably with some uncomfortable menopausal symptoms.