Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saint Marthe Cathedral in Tarascon, France

This was a memorable Cathedral we visited in the town of Tarascon... it's named after one of my best friends! I'm looking forward to painting these drawings I've posted. The holidays seemed to have broken my rhythm, though! Lately, I've been sitting on the floor, knitting while the kids play next to me... or just playing with them. So, I'm sort of stuck in that lazy, post-holiday 'in-between-world'! I've gotta get my groove back... but it is nice to just chill for awhile.


tangled sky studio said...

yep...i've been feeling the same way! but now it's time to get back to work. what are you knitting? (i just finished a sweater and vest for my little guy and am working on a vest for myself...)

artslice said...

Hi Beth-

I'm knitting a scarf out of some beautiful Painted Mountain yarn... I'll have to post a photo of it. Sounds like you can knit most anything! I want to take a class and learn how to do cable stitches and refresh my sweater-making skills. We're having a big snowstorm this morning!

tangled sky studio said...

you know don't need a class to do cables! really i have been knitting for about 7 years and just did my first cables 2 years's so much easier than it looks (really!)

Jeane said...

Hi Brenda - sitting on the floor knitting and your children playing nearby sounds wonderful - the mind can wander and that's a good thing, don't your think? - this drawings are gong to be wonderful paintings..

artslice said...

Yep, Jeane... it is a beautiful thing to be hanging with the kids on the floor. They really seem to like me as close as possible :)

Beth... Oooh, I don't know! I have a crazy, dyslexic mind and usually have to learn these things by watching someone. But, it's worth a try on my own. Don't you need some funny little tools for it, though?

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