Monday, December 15, 2008

Stopping by Greenhouse on Snowy Evening

The Conservatory looks down on this French-style sunken garden
This Christmas cactus is over 100 years old!!

After school today we stopped by the local conservatory to look at all the Chrismas flowers. Every year they decorate and have beautiful lights... it's one of the highlights of the season for me. I've never seen a poinsettia tree, wow. And the cactus/succulent room is all lit up... maybe something like Georgia O'Keeffe's place?! (Probably not, she was such a minimalist!) The kids love going there, but they always try to lick those candy canes along the walkways... and pet the lit up reindeer. (I've been growled and grunted at more than once by the staff.) We love it there... these are just a few highlights.


Magic Cochin said...

oooooh I love the fairy lights on the plants especially the cacti :-)


Jeane said...

Brenda! what a feast for the eyes and soul! thanks so much for sharing!

Briconcella said...

Your Etsy red blocks are beautiful ! I'm French and it makes me think of the "Rouge du Rhin" traditional Alsacian prints.
(see there under "cross stitch" if you would like to have a glimpse of it):

Julita said...

WOw!I wish there was something like this around where reside.

tangled sky studio said...

this is just the kind of thing i should take the time to do!