Monday, February 2, 2009

Eclectic Weekend

Stamped by the kids... grocery bag envelopes for the valentines!
Kid food - homemade pizza!
Saturday was sunny so the kids bundled up and played at the sand table... but we forgot to push is back under the eaves and this morning woke to a dusting of snow.

Hummus... almost done.

Carrot, cabbages, (2 colors) onion and garlic melange... infused with Indian spices, so yummy.

Hubby was workin' all weekend so the kids and I stayed busy at home. Here are just a few things we made and did!


tangled sky studio said...

lots of good stuff! the pizza looks yummy and the stamped paper is so sweet...i need get working on valentine's day. it looks like you had a great weekend!


artslice said...

Thanks Beth... the paper was so much fun to do! Sometimes the simpliest things turn out to be the most fun.

Jeane said...

looks like a pretty amazing weekend to me!

Paula Villanova said...

Those are some nice vegetarian options that my daughter would enjoy but my husband and I could too! Looks like a great weekend and I love the look of the red stamping on the Kraft color paper.