Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sketchbook Thursday

Wreath on Gates

More Purple Cone Flowers
A tree lined street I always pass on my walks.
It's springtime in my head... can you tell? I'm excited to report that daylight savings time is approaching on March 8th and Spring Equinox is March 20th... there is hope on the horizon :)
I have some fun new sketches /ideas for an upcoming show. We need to have at least one piece that has an East meets West or Asian theme. This has been a challenge... because I don't want to be too literal. (some of the ideas may pop up on the blog soon!) I'm carving some mini woodblock prints and plan to print them on linen. (Soon to be mini lavender sachets for the etsy shop.) I'm off to sip some chamomile tea.


Jeane said...

really like the sketch of the tree lined street...

willow said...

Wonderful cone flowers!!