Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Foggy Figuring

Mini border
Yesterday afternoon, the couch was beckoning me...(my daughter woke at 3am to eat and 'play' which caused my drowsiness) so I brought my quilt stuff and began to sew as my son pushed his train table next to the couch so we could be 'together'. (so cute)
Continuing from yesterday's post... without much thinking, I just cut some squares in half and snipped off a bit on the end. Boom, my mini-square! Proceeded to sew it onto the woodblock - although it's not perfect, I like it. Still not sure how well it'll fit into the rest of the squares but will worry about that later. Amazing how being tired sometimes cuts out the 'middle man' of uncertainty.


Jeane said...

amen to that! - this is really looking good!

Martha Miller said...

love the black white and red combo!

artslice said...

Thank you, ladies!