Monday, February 9, 2009

Sewing Squares

I've been working on a new quilt... made from left over linen from the last quilt I was making. This time, a simple patchwork is just so pleasing to the eyes. I never use a pattern, but somehow I want to incorporate the woodblock hearts on linen. (hmm, maybe a mini checkerboard around them? But, how to make it fit??? I'll find out as I do it!)

My daughter is getting into arranging the squares in different patterns and tells me she's making a quilt too! I'm excited to see she's interested; this could be the start of something good :)


Jeane said...

Oh, man this is so the way I work - get the idea and then work it out as I go along! - this is looking very cool!

artslice said...

Thanks, Jeane...I'm so glad to hear you work this way too! By the way, looks like you had so many pieces in your show... it must have taken you a long time to prepare. Makes me tired just thinking about it!

Anonymous said...

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