Monday, March 16, 2009

Fruit and Papaya Milk Stand

Papaya Milk for sale here... this is the 4th Asian influenced woodcut for the upcoming show. Another Night Market stand of exotic Asian fruits... bitter melon, and giant carrot looking fruits. Sorry to say I don't know the names. I'm almost done with this one... just need to add and subtract a few more things. (I love the purple paper... it was left over and laying around the studio just begging to be printed on :)
Here's a crayon rubbing of a boy - from a drawing in the sketchbook. To the side, the Chinese characters I had to trace and reverse for the other carvings... makes him look like the boy from Empire of the Sun - I think so, anyway:) Have a happy Monday.


Jeane said...

trace and REVERSE! OMG! you make it sound so easy - my brain could just never wrap itself around this concept.

artslice said...

:) You are so funny, Jeane. I try not to think about it too much... especially since I have dyslexia! (yes, for real!)