Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sketchbook Thursday

With a new puppy in the house... how could I not sketch him?! Naturally, this is only possible when he is fast asleep on his blankie taking one of the many puppy naps of the day! These are in my Moleskine sketchbook (love 'em) and today, *gasp* I painted in it for the first time. Learned that the paper in the regular sketchbooks (as opposed to watercolor paper sketchbooks) is rather slick and had an almost 'waterproof' feel to it. The funny things one learns by accident :)


tangled sky studio said...

what a great model! is mr. darcy adjusting to life with a human family? he is so adorable(even in a sketch) i just can't stand it!

artslice said...

He's pretty darn cute! He's doing very well and playing with the kids a lot. They are always laughing around him. I think they really wear him out, though...have to enforce a puppy nap time locked away in the kitchen:)

Martha Miller said...

cuuute. have you seen david hockney's series of paintings of his dogs?