Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Taiwan Print on a Snowy Morning

Printing party last night in my studio!! This is one of 4 I'm working on for the April show... there is an 'East meets West' theme. (it's a work in progress) I finally referred to some photographs of a trip to Taiwan several years back. This is a footbridge (Cihmu Bridge) at Taroko Gorge. We drove on the stomach churning, 'fear for your life' East/West highway. (mostly one lane, carved on the side of a mountain... ) Amazing how drawing can be like time travel!
Front yard this morning. Where are all the daffodils and bulbs?! We had quite a blizzard yesterday... luckily only a few inches stayed.


Jeane said...

fabulous print - UGH on the snow! - I'm so over it!

artslice said...

Thank you Jeane :)... right there with you on the snow!!