Thursday, March 26, 2009

Unfinished Garden Ladies

These paintings are unfinished, naturally... but here's some progress. I have a theme going about dreaming of planning a garden during the long winter months. Autobiographical? Yes, absolutely. It's no secret spring can not come fast enough for moi. And I'm going to paint about it. The second one, with dog doesn't have any garden theme yet. Not sure what will happen with that one. There are more to come! Have a happy Friday!
Ooh, I was featured on a lovely blog called Whimsy House can check it out here. (Thanks so much, Molly, for the mention!)


Mary Ann Wakeley said...

I love these, Brenda. The theme of a garden is irresistible especially this time of year when we are longing for Spring. You're right, it can't come soon enough!

Have a wonderful weekend :) xx m.a.

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