Friday, March 13, 2009

A Little Masterpiece

Here's a little work of art by my son. The title? 'Baby Muffin' - perfect, don't you think?

My daughter had to add a few embellishments once we displayed it on the wall. They like to collaborate and do so quite often.

Mr. Darcy, sunning himself.

We were able to enjoy a few rays of sunshine today... and made the most of it. Our first day of bike and scooter riding outside of the year! Wa-hooo!! Happy weekend.


tangled sky studio said...

i love the title "baby muffin" and the bits of color are inspired! look at that sweet mr. darcy sunning himself....a perfect expression of happiness!


Jeane said...

all about things sweet, the painting, the puppy and your daughters collaboration! very sweet!

Martha Miller said...

love the masterpiece!!!

artslice said...

Thanks ladies... I love sharing my kid's art work... I feel it's the 'real' art of my blog :)