Monday, May 5, 2008

Barefoot Friends

Woodblock print 8 x 10 in.

Here's another new print for spring. It is also done from a painting I did years ago in art school, a favorite. I'd never sell the painting so making a print is a nice way to share it without really "parting with it". :)


Kristin said...

OH- really beautiful work-
and your printing on linen turned out so nice! I use the D.S. ink on paper, but I haven't tried it on fabric, but since I have clothing that it hasn't washed out in (right about belly level!) I guess it must be wash safe- thanks for the info! I'm adding you to my blockprinter list! (your other blog is really great too)
over at moontea.blogspot

artslice said...

Hi Kristin... thanks for adding me!! I'm excited to read the feedback you get on inks and fabrics. There's another printmaker who did a lot of printing on fabric for her MFA thesis - Jodi Green. I have a link to her website on artslice - look in the thesis project section, really great work.

Happy days,