Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another Art School Quilt

Here is another therapy quilt made during art school in Portland, OR. The quilt top is totally hand cut and hand sewn! I bought the fabric after a trip to Taiwan with my mom. My brother lived there at the time and we went to see the first grandchild in our family, baby Sarah. The chrysanthemum fabric was the inspiration for this quilt. It reminded me of paintings at the National Museum in Taiwan. For unknown reasons, the colors made me think of the smell, climate and memory of Taiwan. Funny how memory can sway the choices you make in art.


Martha Miller said...

BEAUTIFUL! And all by hand!!! And while you were in school, no less! Bravo!
I completely relate to the need for therapy work while in art school - that place can wear you to a frazzle! We were routinely pushed beyond our limits at MECA.

artslice said...

:) Thanks Martha!