Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fresh May Prints

The prints above my press
Last night I got lucky and had some time to print!!! Here is a peek at my printing studio, it's a bit messy but it's a great set up and I can leave everything out so I'm ready to go when I get a chance to print. Now, I just have to wait for them to dry. I printed on some old book pages and solid printed backgrounds to print over... plus some larger ones that I will also be printing over. It's exciting to do some layering... haven't done it for ages. :)


Martha Miller said...

Love the RED walls!

Oh, and that's not a messy studio!!

artslice said...

Thanks! It's a nice 'Venetian Red' really warms up the room. OK, how messy is your studio?! :)

Martha Miller said...

oh, it gets verrry messy while i'm working, but i always pick it up!