Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's a Spring Thing

These Violas are my favorite, orange and purple!!!
English Daisies



Bleeding Hearts

Ahhh, good weather and sunshine has finally pushed me outdoors! Hence, I don't have many new things to post in my studio right now. We had my son's birthday party today and my piano recital is looming closer (May 31)! Maybe then I can focus more on art.

***I really don't know why I try to take piano.... there's so little time to practice now that I have 2 children and am doing art as well. But, I decided to go back after skipping one year after my daughter's birth never dreaming I'd have to do yet another recital!! Oh well, I'm going to be a ball of stress til the date trying to prepare... I guess I have to lower my expectations and try to look at it as 'just for fun'. *** Enough rant about that.

My son and I have just planted his first veggie garden, so we've been tending it. (He calls it 'planting the fields') We still need to plant the seeds which are: carrots, dill, chamomile, wildflowers and basil. It's intoxicating to be outside after such a long winter.

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