Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Look What I Found!

Here is a cute casserole dish... handmade pottery! I got it at an estate sale for $5.00! It's a nice green-blue with gold ochre and in perfect condition and the shapes look like lillypads. I have a thing for serving dishes with lids- the unveiling is a nice effect at the table plus, it keeps the food warm.


Kristin Loganbill said...

oooh pretty- i love pottery - i think you scored!

by the way your studio looks very inspiring! I love that swirly blue print- is that a water print- like to see it closer!

artslice said...

Hi Kristin-

It was a great score! :)

Thanks, I love having a studio devoted to printmaking! (although with the kids, I carve in the dining room)

Yes, the blue is inspired by water and the beach... I plan to layer it with some other prints in the same series. It shows how much I miss the beach-I grew up in Sequim, WA. You can click on the photo to get a closer look. I'll be posting more on prints from that series.