Thursday, May 22, 2008

Empty Bowl Quilt

' Your bowl must be empty before you can fill it up.' - Buhdda

Like all my quilts, this one has a story. I wanted to make this after seeing photos from a Kaffe Fassett class at the fabric shop in the village I used to live in. (For you Portland peeps - Fibers in Motion in Multnomah Village) I was so inspired!!! I was about 6 months pregnant and was determined to start and finish this quilt before she was born because I figured I would have to give up art and quilting once my 2nd child came. (I was wrong, but it is a bit more complicated)

I hand cut each block one by one and hand sewed it too. I did finish it before she was born and had it machine quilted last summer. It is one of my very favorite quilts...


Magic Cochin said...

What a fantastic design (yes - I can see a Kaffe Fassettness in it!) I love how you've used the shading in the bowls.


artslice said...

Thank you Celia!