Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Assembly Required

The little painting studio

the printing studio.

I've been taking a break from making art and getting our house in order like I've mentioned in the past few posts. I thought I'd share some of the projects I've been working on. Finally assembled are these Ikea glass cases! I'm so excited to finally use them since I've been toting them to each house we've lived in since our wedding day!!! (I actually bought them for a house I was going to move to at the time of our engagement... never made it to that house.) Anyway, I have a strong yearning for order around here! It's almost like nesting when I was hugely pregnant. (no, I'm not pregnant!!)
Next... I plan to paint over some old canvases that I hate and recycle them into brand new paintings. I'd like to start painting big again in my studio - it will have to be a 'late in the evening affair'. But, maybe just a few nights a week, something could emerge!


tangled sky studio said...

hi there...things look like they are coming together nicely! are you sneaking in a bit of drawing here and there (after 3 days of no studio time i'm really cranky!)

artslice said...

Hi Beth -

Still more work to do, but my mind will be clear when it's done. In your studio photos... everything is so streamlined, I don't know how you do it! Wish I could too.

Yes, I'm feeling displaced and cranky from zero artmaking... I'm hoping to disappear into the studio tonight. Here's to hoping you do too! (ps, love your new winged people paintings)