Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Drawing Portfolio

Open Portfolio
Perfumed Hilltop in Grasse, France

German Pianist

I was just evaluating my ink drawings to see what is finished and appropriate for the gallery I'm showing at in a few weeks. (need to deliver the goods this weekend!) So, I'm sharing a few unfinished 'maybes' here. It's funny how you can look at work so differently when it's this close to a show... editing out pieces, last minute changes, imagining 'ear-shot critiques'. Thankfully it's a group show - which is what I prefer since I don't like being the center of attention at these things. Tomorrow and Friday are reserved for completing a few drawings and then it'll all be whisked off to the gallery and out of my hands!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting such useful information. I was very much interested in drawing and got more information through this.

Martha Miller said...

fresh and fun pieces! best of luck, brenda!

artslice said...

Thanks Martha! Have a great weekend.