Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Accordian Book

Here's an example of a book that's in the making... The script is Humanist Book hand and the stamps are by Rubbermoon. I made this one a while back - as a 'dummy book'. (sort of a dry run of what I want!) The poem is a great one by Ted Kooser - Flow Blue , I just love him. I may do another book in pointed italic using this poem... only with better paper and hand coloring.


tangled sky studio said...

What a beautiful gift this would make! Your calligraphy is really lovely. I'm also loving the stove and place setting stamp. Hope all is well on the west coast...fall has taken hold here and I'm loving it!

Kristin Loganbill said...

very pretty- I love those accordian style books

artslice said...

Thank, ladies :) I love doing calligraphy... it gives me a feeling that 'all is right in the world' when I'm practicing! Those stamps are by a wonderful artist, Gretchen Ehrsam - she's a Seattle printmaker and I really love her work. You can see more of it at the website.

Hi Kristin! Hope you're not working too hard printing away in the studio. I like 'em too and they're not as tricky as some of those fancier books.