Monday, October 20, 2008

By the Fireside

Here's a quote by Robert Lewis Stevenson... a very poor quality photograph :( sorry.
What is it about a fire that is so inviting? We had our first fire of the season tonight and it was (is) heaven. Earlier I was practicing calligraphy and writing little quotes on colored card stock. I was thinking with a little more planning and layout I could embellish some of them with illustrations and put them in my etsy shop. Who knows if anyone would ever want one, though! It seems like calligraphy is not that popular. With etsy - you never know what may appeal to someone... it's such a great place.
I'm adding a few new ink drawings with gouache to my etsy shop tonight... check it out!


Martha Miller said...

I love my fireplace and woodstove. Some nights I sleep on the rug by the fire all night long like a cat.

Martha Miller said...

Oh, and certainly put these calligraphy pieces in Etsy! They are beautiful!! They are such a novelty in these days of digital fonts - heck, just plain old handwriting is almost obsolete!

artslice said...

Sounds pretty nice to sleep by a fire! Thanks for the calligraphy encouragement... I think I will brush up my layout skills a bit and put something in the old shop and see what happens. How come you don't have an etsy shop? I bet you would do great selling your work there. Love the avatar with red.