Friday, October 10, 2008

Second Sock

These warm, woolly socks are for my mom's birthday... I have a way to go before mid-November. I better speed it up! This is that fabulous variegated yarn that ends up looking 'faire isle', I love it! Hoping to get back to painting tonight, wish me luck. Happy weekend!

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tangled sky studio said...

hi brenda,
i was just subbing last night...but liked it.
the color of these socks is awesome... ilove pink and orange together...does your mom read your blog? i'm finishing up my pixies but need to get back to knitting (4 nearly completed pieces)!

Paula Villanova said...

These are beautiful. Homemade socks are the best! My daughter made me a pair last year that I just love. (She has promised me another pair...I can't wait; they're so warm and comfy!) Your mom will love them!

artslice said...

Thanks you guys. I've made my mom several pairs, so she won't be surprised to get these... she loves them and wears them all fall/winter.

Beth, what have you been knitting?