Thursday, October 23, 2008

Painting on Linen

Here's my first painting on linen. Wish I could say it is oil on linen but... my kids are usually mucking around in the studio when I'm there (in the daytime). I can't handle the mess of oil paint/solvent that a child has made and the damage it can cause to them and the house! Someday I'll get back to my oils!!
Anyway, I bought this Belgian linen in Victoria BC at a fabulous art store called Opus... they have a great selection. It felt like quite a splurge... especially when I was building and stretching the linen on the stretcher bars. (I build all my canvases, I consider it part of my process.)

This painting is unfinished but I'm getting closer. It's been through some radical changes and I'm ready to get back to it.


tangled sky studio said...

wow, brenda this is beautiful. the colors are muted but rich...really lovely!

Martha Miller said...

yes, such wonderful colors!

artslice said...

Thank you ladies, hopefully I can get in the studio later tonight or tomarrow to work on it.

Jeane said...

Hi Brenda - I've had a wonderful time cruising through your site - lovely painting - thanks for your comments at my place - small world - I love Spokane - your side of the state has really gorgeous vistas