Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Woodcuts...

I've been doing some mulling and sketching lately and finally committed a few to my Shina wood... and started carving today. I'm continuing with the water - ocean - beach theme. This time I was thinking more about river stones and what water looks like in a slow moving river - how it twirls, moves, shines, 'separates' etc. As well as what you can see underneath. The cicadas or crickets are sort of a wild card. We've been listening to them a lot around here and my daughter is saying 'cricket' now, which I love! (One of her favorite books is The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle.) I'm thinking about how these may look printed on fabric. Hmmmm.


tangled sky studio said...

Hi Brenda,
I love both these ideas and i adore woodcuts...they are sooo difficult and beautiful! I can't wait to see how these turn truly are an inspiration to me as an artist. Happy carving!


artslice said...

Hi Beth

Thank you so much! Mark Twain said it something like this: 'A good compliment can last me a month or two.' :)